Queer as Folk (US) - Brat-Sitting

Queer as Folk (US)
3x04 Brat-Sitting

Status: Ended

Released: 2000

IMDB Rating: 8.6

Genres: Drama

While reluctantly taking care of his obnoxious nephew John as a favor to his sister, Brian finds the boy stealing money from his wallet. Not only is John unrepentant, he berates Brian with a barrage of antigay slurs. Brian takes John to the bathroom, sticks the boy's head in the toilet and flushes. Infuriated, John vows revenge. He accuses Brian of molesting him, and the police take Brian to the station for questioning. Justin tracks down John at an arcade and notices that he's wearing Brian's trademark seashell bracelet. Detective Horvath, Debbie, and Justin go to see Brian's sister to confront her son about the bracelet. John finally admits the truth, and the charges against Brian are dropped. Justin returns the bracelet to Brian and tenderly ties it around Brian's wrist. Melanie and Lindsay ask Michael to be the father of their second child, and he agrees. But when they ask him to sign a document whereby he surrenders all parental rights, Michael refuses. Later, Melanie tears up the document, and Michael, Melanie, and Lindsay begin planning for the baby's conception together. Meanwhile, obsessively neat Ted asks messy Emmett to move in with him, and disaster results. They decide to look for a house so that they will have plenty of space to be themselves. And Ben boosts his workouts ... and his steroid use.
Stars: Randy Harrison, Hal Sparks, Chris Potter, Dean Armstrong, Gale Harold, Harris Allan, Jack Wetherall, Makyla Smith, Matt Battaglia, Michelle Clunie, Mitch Morris, Peter MacNeill, Peter Paige, Robert Gant, Scott Lowell, Sharon Gless, Sherry Miller, Thea Gill.

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