Macross - Farewell to Tenderness

1x36 Farewell to Tenderness

Status: Ended

Released: 1982

IMDB Rating: 8.1

Genres: Action Anime Adventure Drama

Director: Shoji Kawamori

Global informs Misa that the SDF-2, the successor to the Macross, is nearly ready to begin colonizing the galaxy - with her as the captain of the mission. Now that the reaction engine is built into his craft, Quazmin, Laplamiz, and their henchmen attack Macross City with missiles and waves of mecha. Hikaru, Misa and Minmay's love triangle reaches its climax, as Hikaru must decide whether he will go with the pop idol who brushed him aside and now desperately needs him, or the military commander who loves him deeply, but may leave him forever by the line of duty.
Stars: 长谷有洋, 饭岛真理, Mika Doi, Akira Kamiya, Eiji Kanie, Eri Takeda, Hiromi Tsuru, Hirotaka Suzuoki, Michio Hazama, Sanae Miyuki, Noriko Ohara , Run Sasaki, Ryūsuke Ōbayashi, Show Hayami, Kōsuke Meguro, Atsuko Yoneyama, Hirotaka Suzuoki, Katsumi Suzuki, Katsumi Suzuki, Kumiko Mizukura, Minoru Inaba, Minoru Inaba, Minoru Inaba.

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