Pokemon - ¡El Corsola travieso!

5x04 ¡El Corsola travieso!
Just as Ash and friends arrive at a new island, their ears are met with cries for help. A family had built their house upon a Corsola nesting ground, and when a new, hyperactive Corsola arrived and frightened off the previous Corsola residents, the ground beneath the house weakened and the house was washed out to sea. The father and daughter who had been outside during the catastrophe now look on helplessly as another daughter-trapped inside the house-is washed out toward a large whirlpool. Ash and Misty call their Pokémon to action and manage to save the young girl, but this proves to be only the first challenge of the day. As Ash and friends set about recollecting the Corsola that had reinforced the foundation of this family's home, Team Rocket soon arrives and attempts to steal not only the needed Corsola, but also collections of local artwork made from Corsola horns, which these Pokémon shed regularly. While assisting this local family, Misty waits not so patiently for an opportunity to catch the Corsola that had first driven the others away, and make it her own.
Elenco: Sarah Natochenny, Christa Lips, Jeroen Keers, Hilde De Mildt, Ikue Ōtani, Frank Frankson, J.T. Ross, Jayne Grand, Jimmy Zoppi, Joseph Shore, Kerry Williams, Lee Quick, Mike Pollock, Nathan Price, Phillip Bartlett, Rachael Lillis, Ross Charap, Scottie Ray, Ted Lewis, Wayne Grayson.

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